Well hello again...

We know we've been rather quiet for a while and we do apologise...

However, please take that (and party!) as a good sign - we've been busy bb-ees!

Between babies, weddings, graduations, holidays, business trips and concerts (a big one for our resident Take That Fans) - the BB Team have been going full-pelt the last few months. 

There's 'oor Kate and her John; 'oor Charlie (or Chat as her brother Carson calls her... he's only 1 and a half); and 'oor TT boys!

For those of you who know us, how we work and how much we care about doing the best we possibly can for our clients - you'll know that we always go the extra mile. And it was no different with a recent client project: the Official Opening of Manor Grange Care Home. 

Manor Grange Care Home Edinburgh

A purpose built care home in Edinburgh, Manor Grange provides exemplary standards of Nursing and Residential Care - and it has a host of luxurious features available to residents. BB were delighted to be responsible for the naming, branding, marketing and advertising of the home - and the Official Opening was the next step in a fantastic journey. 

A celebration for friends and family of Manor Grange, it was our absolute delight to organise and make sure the event ran as smooth as possible on the day - which we can tell you it 100% did - smoother than butter. To make certain, some of our team members even brushed up on their waiting skills for the day - we're no strangers to "all hands on deck!"

The food, prepared by the Care Home's own kitchen team, was spectacular and there was plenty of it! The music from duo Ginny & The Tonic was wonderful, and magician Billy Reid wowed everyone he met.  Each and every person who attended the Open Day left with a smile on their face - and an interest in the rooms at the home!

We have lots more to tell you all, so keep an eye out for our next post!

Until then, BBx