Nice t(ea) meet you...


Monday has come around again, and we know how you are feeling. However, you know what Monday means here at get to meet another team member. Now if that doesn't fill you with joy, we don't know what will! 

Today you're meeting Director Kate Cohen, who has a 'minor' obsession with foxes and would love to turn all of her enemies into pineapples...

Branding Boutique Fox
Kate Cohen, Director at branding boutique
Branding Boutique Broccoli
Teabag Branding Boutique

Q: It's your turn this week Kate, so let's kick off with what a typical day in the office looks like for you...

A: Well, it always starts with a cup of tea... and getting stuck in to whatever lies ahead! Every day is different, and depending on what projects we have on it could be anything from writing a brochure or booking a series of newspaper adverts, to scoping out content and functionality for a new website.

A lot of my role is talking to people actually. Getting quotes and working with various suppliers, speaking to media contacts and of course our lovely clients too! There's also the regular hustle with the studio and design team to make sure that we're prioritising to deliver on time.

And more tea...

Q: This office really loves their tea eh! What would you say your favourite thing to do in Autumn is?

A: To be honest, I'm generally happiest either when the sun is shining or when it's super cold and wintery - so Autumn is probably my least favourite season!  

This year is a little different though. I got married in June and felt sad that my gorgeous dress would only be taken out for a spin once ... so I've decided that once a month I'll pop it on again for a photo. So this autumn, my favourite thing to do is to swan about in my wedding dress! Maybe even have a shot on my neighbour's trampoline...  (if you want to see it for yourself, click on the link...)


Q: Love it! Tell me, if there was a movie made about your life, what genre would it be?

A: It would definitely be a musical...but more Hairspray or Grease (a good bit of cheese) than Les Mis. I love music, singing and a good old happy ending!


Q: Who doesn't love a funny, cheesy musical! Speaking of funny things, do you have any weird quirks?

A: I like to set my alarms for aesthetically pleasing times. Rather than specifically 7am, for example... I'll go for 6.56am or 7.07am. 

I am the absolute master of "two more minutes" snoozing in the morning so I think this probably stems from here...


Q: Tell me Kate, what is your biggest addiction?

A: Foxes. 

They're my favourite animal! A while ago I started to pick up cute stationery, clothes and wee knick-knacks with foxes on them. I'm not sure how it happened, but the word spread that I loved foxes. Friends will send me cute fox pictures and videos, and ones year at Christmas almost every gift I received featured a fox. Fox mug, fox jumper, fox hat, fox shaped lip wedding invitations had foxes on them too!


Q: Wow, I'm surprised you don't have a fox onesie or a real fox at that! Or is that on your bucket list, to have your own fox... 

A: Actually, as a bit of a Trekkie (is that also a weird quirk?!) I would love to go to Star Trek Las Vegas, which is the biggest Star Trek convention in the world. I imagine it would be completely insane - just what I like!


Q: TV sitcom family, what one would you be a member of...GO.

A: Definitely The Spellman family from Sabrina the Teenage Witch - I loved that show! Also, who wouldn't want to be able to change your outfit with a click of your fingers, turn your enemies into pineapples and have a sassy talking cat called Salem?! 


Q: Love it! Let's follow a weird answer with another weird question - if you were a vegetable, what would you be?

A: As BB's resident veggie, I love pretty much all vegetables.

I'll either go for broccoli, because I'm easy going, versatile and can pack a bit of a crunch...or a sweet potato. Because life is always more colourful when I'm around. 


Q: It certainly is Kate! Tell me, what's your favourite thing about working at BB?

A: The clients we get to work with. Yes, it might sound soppy, but it's well as providing us with lots of variety (everyday is different!) some days can be full of challenges which we get to help with. 

We can be under tight deadlines, working to strict briefs, or high pressure jobs which need lots of attention to detail, as well as a quick turnaround...but when you're working with great people who you like and respect (and vice-versa!) it makes hard work all the more enjoyable!


Q: Finally Kate, describe yourself in 3 words...

A: Aw, that's a hard one!


Caring, imaginative and eternally-optimistic.

We hope we've filled your Monday with amusement and interesting facts about Kate. 

You know the score by now, check back in next Monday to meet another eccentric member of BB.

Until then,